What is most personal is most general

“What is most personal is most general”—Carl Rogers. If we dig deep, beneath the superficialities, we will find that others have the same basic needs, interests and concerns—whether physical, emotional or spiritual—as we do. Understanding and realizing this aspect of human psychology is fundamental to great leadership. Once when Mahatma Gandhi was boarding a train, …

Seeing the iceberg!

Radhanath Swami in his search for love of God in the Himalayas stumbled upon a leper colony where he found an old woman in rags, severely affected by leprosy, her face deformed, lying on the ground in misery. Radhanath swami looked at her and felt in her teary eyes the love of a mother, an affection real and rare. Externally she was repelling but beneath the surface Radhanath Swami saw a mother waiting eagerly to share her love, as she placed her blood stained hand on his head. Radhanath Swami graciously accepted this as her blessings.